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Join a community that will encourage you to live a life fully devoted to Christ. Harvest Groups offer you the opportunity to build a sense of community with believers like yourself while continuing to work on your relationship with God. Why do life alone when we can do it together? View the different groups we have to offer and sign up today!

Youth Group (ages 12-18)

At Harvest Church wee see youth groups as having a spiritual, educational, and developmental purpose. Youth ministry provides young people with the opportunity to meet with their peers, become a part of the community in which they serve, and grow in their relationship with the Lord. This enables young people to move from adolescence to adulthood; concerned with nurturing personal growth and offering activities that challenge and stimulate young people. As a result, this nurtures the congregation and allows the church to flourish. Join today!

Children's Group (ages 4-11)

The purpose of children's ministry is to help children become more like Jesus over time. The process begins when we invite children to connect with Jesus and His story. It develops as the grace and glory of Jesus are revealed. Our goal is for children to abandon every worldly allegiance and be relentlessly committed to Jesus. It happens as children are filled with the Holy Spirit and enlivened by God’s Story. Join today!

Women's Group

Women's ministry provides all women an emotionally safe environment, a place of godly fellowship, and countless opportunities to share and pray for private requests. The women’s ministry is an excellent place for women to build connections that result in fervent prayer for one another. Not only is a women’s ministry a good place to ask for prayer, it is an excellent place to learn how to pray effectively and grow in God. Our mission is to lift up and empower all women in the body of Christ. Join today!

Men's Group

Men's ministry is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, praying, and growing in Christ. At Harvest Church we are devoted to instructing men on how they can become effective leaders of the body of Christ in today’s world. Join us today!

Creative Arts Group

Creative Arts ministry is a gathering place for anyone to come and connect with God through the creative arts. Through healing and restorative creative sessions, we help people listen to God's voice to experience His hope and joy. We offer training to anyone interested in using their creativity to help others connect to Jesus in their communities as well. Check out the different ways you can create, connect, be equipped, and support what God is doing through creative arts. 

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