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Serving the local church means to help the body of Christ as a way to bring glory to God rather than ourselves. We transmit the love of Jesus to people around us via this act of worship. Serving in the local church can take various forms, but the Bible can help us narrow down our options by identifying our spiritual gifts (1 Peter 4:10). Explore the many ways you can serve at Harvest Church! One of the best ways to live like Jesus is to serve others.

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Worship Team

Worship is an integral part of ministry. Worship invites God's presence, enabling us to experience God. Members of praise and worship teams are expected to remain worshipful throughout the week. As leaders of the worship life of the church, the team holds the responsibility of leading others by example. Daily time spent giving praise privately through song, prayer, or acts of kindness is expected of members of the team. Additionally, the praise and worship team holds the responsibility of entering each rehearsal and worship service with a genuine spirit of thankfulness and a heart for worship.

Audio & Visual Team

In many churches, the tech is just as important to worship as the worship leader and musicians. The inclusion of audiovisual equipment into a worship service can create an engaging experience. Proper lighting effects can add contrast, depth and dimension to set the tone of the service or song. Appropriate graphics, music and video elements can also lend an additional layer of engagement during the service. An audiovisual technician assumes a role that revolves around the operation and maintenance of AVL equipment. These individuals are knowledgeable about a range of AVL equipment, including video recorders, projectors, stage lighting, sound mixing boards and PA systems. 

Greeter Team

Greeters are responsible for greeting people as they arrive. But more than that, they are responsible for creating a warm, caring, and genuine atmosphere for friendship and fellowship. You are the first loving touch every guest will meet, which sets the stage for people to be open to life change. People will be more or less receptive to the teaching depending on how they were made to feel on the way in. Most guests will decide in the first few minutes if they will return, even before the music starts. It’s easy to walk into church if you’re there every week, but do you remember what it was like walking in for the first time when you didn’t think you’d know anyone and wondered if anyone would want to know you? Your biggest goals are to eliminate awkwardness and encourage people.

Cleaning Team

A dirty church is not a pleasant place to worship. Church members will notice when the church is dirty and will find another church to attend services. People do not want to worry about getting sick by entering a building. It is important to clean a church like any other establishment so that worshipers feel welcome and safe. Join our team today!

Cleaning the Desk
Children's Team

Those who serve kids are choosing to invest in others during their most impressionable years. While kids are impressionable, they are not innocent. None of us are. The Bible says we are sinful from the time we were conceived. All of us need the grace of Jesus to change us, and those who serve in kid’s ministry are helping kids encounter God’s grace. If you serve in kid’s ministry you can make an eternal impact by giving kids a tangible expression of God’s love. As a kid’s ministry leader, your consistent presence in the life of kids sends a strong signal of God’s consistent and faithful love. Join our team today!

Youth Team

Volunteerism teaches compassion, self-sacrifice, and to love our neighbors as ourselves–all lessons that are central to a successful ministry. When you take the step to serve in youth ministry, you can inspire the next generation of engaged changemakers. After all, the youth are next in line to fill the shoes of those who came before them. Join today and make a significant impact!

Image by Jesus Loves Austin
Security Room
Security Team

People come to church expecting an experience. They cannot fully engage in the worship experience if there is an underlying anxiety that it is not a safe space. A dedicated security team allows you and the rest of your church’s leadership and volunteers to focus on their responsibilities, secure in the knowledge that someone is protecting them and their families. This demonstrates to our members and volunteers that our church is committed to them. Join our team today!

Cafe Team

The purpose of the Garage Cafe is to bring a sense of community and fellowship to the members of our congregation. The one commonality amongst all humans is the desire to feel like we belong. When you volunteer at the Garage Cafe you have the opportunity to speak one on one with members and make them feel like they're valuable and that they matter. Additionally, you get to be a part of different fundraising opportunities that allow us to give back to the community. Join our team today!

Volunteers Packing Food
Food Pantry Team

Our food pantry is a community-based program that collects and safely stores food and household products for free distribution to low-income families and members of the community in need. If you want to make a significant impact on the community this is a great ministry to serve in. It allows you to work directly with those less fortunate and to be a true blessing. Make a difference and join our team today!

Evangelism Team

The main objective of evangelism is to allow people who have not heard of or accepted the gospel of Christ the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it. Our team heads out to the streets with one goal in mind; for those we encounter to know how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and live a life that is pleasing to Him. Join our team today!

Outdoor Family Day
Outreach Team

In collaboration with Salvage Our City, we do outreaches across the state of NJ. Our outreaches take place in parks, parking lots, and just about anywhere the Lord leads us to minister. At our events we have food, worship teams, kids corners, free haircuts, free doctor check-ups, etc. We even have counselors on site who can help deal with an array of family matters! We are always looking for volunteers to help us out. If this sounds like something you would be interested in join today!

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