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Pastors Edward and Melanie Ramirez are Senior Pastors and founders of Harvest Outreach Ministry Intl.

With both of them being empowered by the call of God over their life, they started Harvest Ministry in a two-car garage; in the late 2002. They are both ordained pastors through City Harvest Network Alliance, under the spiritual covering of Pastor Rod Parsley. 

Prior to becoming the founder of Harvest Outreach Ministry, Pastor Ramirez has been the successful business owner of Administrative Consultants Inc. since 1989. Pastor Ramirez worked as an accountant specializing in non-profit organizations. In further education, he has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, and a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management. Pastor Ramirez also serves as a Valor Christian College Professor in Business and Pastoral Studies.


Pastor Edward and Melanie Ramirez has served and helped many achieve their fullest potential in Jesus Christ, and have never been more determined to fulfill all that God has called them to. 

Through this ministry, Pastors Edward and Melanie Ramirez’s long term goals include establishing a Day Care Center, Christian School, and a Emergency Relief for victims of natural disasters. Taking men and women to the highest levels of faith, understanding, and leadership by this one statement given to thereby God: to lift up the fallen, train them up in the word of God, and to send them out to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.